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We are H&M insurance, fleet insurance agency that offers custom design policies for commercial vehicles, including passenger vehicles, cargo transports, food trucks, rant a car fleets, taxi fleets, semis, and trailers with the expertise and experience required to deliver a suitable policy that meets your budget.

As one of the best insurance agencies in California, we minimize your risk and reduce the costs of vehicular accidents and injuries, including implementing fleet and drivers’ safety programs. Our knowledgeable, dedicated and customer-focused team stays current on local and national industry trends.


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Fleet Auto Insurance Company You Can Count On

We are dedicated to finding you the best insurance rates available. We only work with A+ rated insurance providers, so you know you’re always getting the right coverage. We deliver affordable commercial auto insurance to companies across California, big or small.

We offer several coverage options, including:

  • Bodily Injury liability to others;

  • Property damage liability;

  • Medical payments;

  • Personal injury protection, including lost wages or goods;

  • Coverage from uninsured or under-insured motorists;

  • Comprehensive & collision coverage;

  • Non-ownership liability;

  • Hired auto (leased auto) liability & physical damage coverage.

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Why Work With H&M Insurance Agency?

H&M Insurance Agency offers a full range of commercial fleet insurance plans, flexible rates, and personalized services. Our handcrafted insurance covers your vehicles and drivers. Everything will be handled at our office, so you won’t need to deal with being transferred to multiple people within different agencies.

  • 50 years of experience in the insurance sector;
  • Our agents are California market specialists;
  • Family-owned company;
  • Leading insurance rates in California;
  • We partner with top-notch insurance providers;
  • Get quick, easy, and no-obligation quotes;
  • Top-rated coverage that meets your needs;
  • We minimize risk and reduce costs.

We Provide Small Business Auto Insurance

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This type of coverage is designed for any company that uses vehicles for business purposes. It includes bodily injury liability coverage, medical payments, no-fault or personal injury coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and many more. More Info.

commercial truck insurance san diego


Any commercial transportation company with one truck or more, independent drivers, and any company with transportation-related activity must have commercial truck insurance. More Info.

We are California Fleet Insurance Experts – Call (619) 296-0005 for a Quote

We’re a locally owned and operated insurance agency in San Diego, and our agents are here to deliver convenient and reasonably priced fleet insurance coverage. Contact us at (619) 296-0005 to request a quote or use our online contact form.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fleet insurance policy?

Fleet car insurance covers all your vehicles (the fleet) under the convenience of one policy. You will need at least two vehicles to be considered for a fleet policy. It’s more affordable than insuring the vehicles individually.

What does the vehicle fleet insurance cover?

It’ll provide liability insurance coverage for all of your business’s vehicles in one policy. Often, these policies include provisions to allow your employees to drive any car in the fleet and be covered in case they cause an accident. At a minimum, this will provide enough collision and liability coverage to meet California commercial auto insurance requirements.

Why Should I Choose Fleet Insurance?

It covers each vehicle in your fleet with the most appropriate insurance plan that meets your specific requirements and needs. Many policies are targeted at particular businesses to let them make the most of the cover relevant to their vehicle type or industry.

How Much Does Fleet Insurance Cost?

The fleet insurance cost depends on different factors. If there are more vehicles in the policy, the cost of the policy will be higher. Other factors that impact the price are – age and value of the car, purpose of use, type of vehicle, and commercial fleet policy option.

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