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If you own a bakery business that manufactures, sells, or distributes baked goods, having good bakery liability insurance in San Diego, CA could prevent a huge financial loss, eventually leading to the ruining your reputation. Selecting the right policy coverage is crucial because it can save your bakery from potentially devastating financial situations. Here at H&M Insurance Company, we will customize an insurance policy to fit all your specific needs and protect your business.

Bakery insurance San Diego as a type of small business insurance is perfectly tailored for both home and commercial bakeries. Every business may face serious risks, whether you operate your business from your home or a commercial building.




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Having the custom-tailored insurance policy on your side in case of various types of accidents, natural disasters, or illnesses. It is an investment that will help you protect your bakery from different kinds of unforeseen events. H&M Insurance  offers basic insurance coverage that includes:

General Liability Coverage

These policies help you cover medical expenses and attorney fees for third-party liability claims. It can help cover claims for bodily injury or property damage that your business causes, advertising injuries, and damages to the rented property.

Workers’ Compensation

This type of policy provides a portion of wage replacement, medical benefits, rehabilitation, and death benefits to employees injured on the job. This coverage also protects your small business because the employee who receives the benefits cannot sue you for lost wages or injuries.

Business Owners’ Policy

It combines the 2 coverages: general liability policy and business property coverage. This policy is a good choice for small and medium bakeries – it represents a simplified approach to small business insurance.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This insurance covers vehicles used for business purposes, including food trucks, cars, box trucks, pickup trucks, and service utility trucks. You will avoid paying out of pocket for repairs, injuries, and more.

Commercial Property Insurance

This policy covers your business premises if damaged by fire or natural disasters. The insurance company will usually insure your inventory, furniture, equipment, and the building itself. It may even cover losses in case of vandalism and theft.

Some additional policies may include:

Food Spoilage Policy

It is highly advisable to add a food spoilage policy to your home bakery insurance and commercial bakery insurance because it can help replace your food in case of a covered peril, like a power outage caused by a lightning strike or a windstorm.

Equipment Breakdown

This policy covers replacing or repairing the damaged equipment, lost income, spoiled inventory, and all the necessary expenses incurred during the restoration period.

Cyber Liability Coverage

It protects small businesses from the high cost of a data breach or malicious software attack. Usually, small businesses have weak cybersecurity, which makes them vulnerable. This policy will pay for credit monitoring, fines, attorney’s fees, and other costly expenses.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance covers the loss of income that a business may suffer after the disaster. The disaster-related closing of the business can result in lost revenue you would have earned during that time and covers the ongoing business expenses while you are closed.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

One of the key coverages provided in a commercial crime policy protects you from financial losses due to employee theft of money, securities, or property.

Inland Marine Insurance

Despite its funny name, this type of insurance helps cover damage done to any equipment or tools that you move from place to place outside your main location. For example, this coverage would protect the damage of the food carts, trays, and warmers if your bakery has a catering operation.

Disability Insurance

If the employee cannot work due to the illness or injury for an extended period, the disability insurance will pay a portion of the employee’s income. It will protect you and your loved ones, who may depend on your ability to earn a paycheck. It is mandatory in California and few other countries.

Umbrella Coverage

It adds another layer of protection; it covers all the costs that exceed the limits of another policy. Without the umbrella policy, you may be responsible for anything over your policy limit.


One insurance company, multiple coverage options.

Why Choose H&M Insurance Company as the Best Bakery Insurance Company in San Diego?

Our company is dedicated to finding you the best possible insurance to meet all your specific needs. We understand that every bakery’s insurance needs are unique, so we will do our best to get you covered.

Our experienced team will carefully evaluate the risks of your business and help you find the most affordable baker insurance policy.

We are the best because:

  • We are more than 50 years in the insurance business;
  • Our partners are some of the most reputable insurance companies;
  • We are a family-owned company;
  • We reduce costs and minimize risks for you;
  • We offer affordable prices;
  • Our reputation is widely known;
  • We are specialized in San Diego and California markets.
Insurance for bakery in San Diego, CA


Insurance needed for a bakery usually includes workers’ compensation and general liability. Workers’ comp is mandatory in almost every state. At the same time, it is advisable to have at least general liability coverage to protect your business. If you make deliveries, commercial auto insurance is also important to have. Other policies are optional, depend on your bakery business type, and can usually be combined.

As we said before, any business that produces and sells baked goods should have bakery insurance, including:

  • Bagel shops;
  • Bakery delivery;
  • Chocolatiers;
  • Cake decorators and designers;
  • Baked goods shop;
  • Cookie stores;
  • Bakery shop owners;
  • Food stylists;
  • Donut shop owners.

Although the cost of insurance may seem high for a starting business, it is always a good investment to protect your finances. After all, you cannot buy insurance to cover a loss that has already happened.

Bakery insurance average cost depends on several factors:

  • The type and size of your bakery;
  • Gross annual sales;
  • Location of your business;
  • Amount of employees;
  • Your deductible;
  • Your claims history;
  • The value of any insured equipment;
  • Your bakery-specific operations.

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When talking about small business insurance, a bakery has some specific insurance demands. Let us help you design the insurance coverage that fits your bakery’s unique needs and is the least expensive for you. Protect your business with the H&M Insurance Agency; call us today at (619) 296-0005 for a FREE quote.

About San Diego’s Bakeries

Offering a taste of culture, San Diego bakeries are full of fantastic treats whether you are looking for a cake for a special event, a sourdough bread, or just an afternoon treat.

The most famous pastry types include croissants, pies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pretzels, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and bread. Some of the most popular bakeries are a Donut Bar, Azucar, Edelweiss Bakery, New York Bagel, Prager Brothers Artisan Breads, and many more. Many of them use the finest locally sourced ingredients, which explains why these delicious pastries are so delectable.

If you are looking for the places you cannot miss in San Diego, it is a Donut Bar. Their yeast donuts are so creative and amazing, like a pop tart donut, so you cannot go wrong with any of their products.

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