Why You Need an Independent Insurance Agent

Find Out How An Independent Agent Can Transform Your Personal And Business Insurance Experience – Make The Smart Choice!

Buying an insurance policy can sometimes feel overwhelming, as you want to make sure you are purchasing enough coverage to fully secure your future, but, with so many options present on the market, it is not easy to know which solution is the best for your specific needs.

Independent Insurance Agent in San Diego

This is why you have to choose an agent who will work for you and who will offer you the best protection for your insurance needs. The key is to choose an independent insurance professional. While most agencies sell only one brand of insurance, an independent insurance agency like Herriott & Mijailovic offers many different choices. We represent lots of notable insurance suppliers which gives us an opportunity to tailor the most comprehensive coverage options at the best available rates specifically for you. In addition, we provide help with assessing needs and filing claims. As independent agents, we are dedicated to being your biggest advocates in times of need.

What Is an Independent Insurance Agent?

There are three ways to purchase an insurance policy:

  • Online – direct sales agents representing the company they work for
  • Captive agent – sells insurance for only one company
  • Independent agent – sells policies from many insurance suppliers

Independent insurance agents, like us at Herriott and Mijailovic insurance company, are licensed and authorized to sell products from various companies to our clientele. We are much like a third-party salesperson, and, since we are not bound to one company only, we can shop around and compare coverages and rates from multiple insurers at once, until we find the most suitable policy for your specific needs.

By working with many insurance providers, we have access to a wider variety of insurance products. For instance, our company specializes in business insurance, which is why we have a broad spectrum of business coverages to sell, such as business interruption insurance, business equipment and tools policy, or business owner’s policy (BOP) insurance.

We represent you, the client, so let us do the hard work for you and examine different possibilities to find you the most fitting coverage and rate available on the market. Our advice will be guided by what is in your best interest, and not by merely making another sale.

Custom Insurance Plans Options For Everyone

H&M agents are committed to supporting your decision journey by ensuring you obtain the best possible insurance premiums. In the event that you are not absolutely certain what type or how much coverage you should get for yourself, your family, your property, or your company, our staff will provide you with unbiased advice and helpful information.

Furthermore, we will offer the details regarding the insurance plans we supply, including:

  • Personal insurance – personal umbrella insurance, homeowners insurance
  • auto insurance
  • property insurance – renters insurance, fire insurance, condo insurance, etc.
  • business insurance – general liability insurance, business property insurance, worker’s compensation, inland marine insurance
  • commercial insurance – commercial property, commercial auto insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, trucking insurance, etc.

Reasons To Choose an Independent Insurance Agency

There are countless benefits to working with independent insurance agents. Generally, it does not cost you anything. By allowing the experts to look for quotes instead of you can save your precious time. Most importantly, an independent agency like Herriott & Mijailovic has a greater likelihood of finding a better deal than you.

Below we have a list of advantages that might be of benefit to you.

One-stop-shop for a range of products

We can meet most of your requirements by providing various coverages in one place: auto, home, renter’s, commercial, business, and umbrella policies. Rather than completing countless forms by yourself, we can deliver prompt quotes from various carriers so you can swiftly choose the best option that will secure your life and assets.

Money saving

Because H&M insurance officers are not contracted to one provider only, we can shop around for the most affordable rates and the best-valued policies. With no brand commitment, we will compare a variety of different coverages and prices. Generally, this price analysis results in significant savings for you.

Personalized service

Independent agents are eager to work hard to keep your business, which means that agencies like ours are very responsive to customers’ inquiries and questions. We will reply to your messages in a timely manner and make sure the communication lines remain open at all times. In case there are any issues with your policy, do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will gladly help resolve your problem. Furthermore, we will utilize our knowledge and experience to lead you in the right direction, as it is in our best interest to keep you satisfied with our services.

Local knowledge benefits

As members of your local community, we are able to serve you through all stages of your life. Possessing knowledge of the local San Diego and California insurance market is highly useful because we get a chance not only to get to know you better as a person, but we are also able to offer valuable knowledge about risks that are specific to your area. This knowledge can guarantee the alleviation of gaps in coverage.

By being close to you, we are able to take care of your problems immediately, without delay. This comes particularly in handy when issues such as filing a claim arise. Local service like ours will help you steer clear of any type of frustrations on the way, such as waiting on the phone to speak to a representative.

Lifetime advisors

Another major advantage is that your coverage will be reviewed routinely. What this means is that we will help you through all life-changing events, such as buying your first home, opening a business, getting married, undergoing home improvement projects, or moving into an apartment for retirement.

Licensed insurance experts

Understanding policies is not easy, as they are filled with technical terminology, exclusions, and other complexities. For this reason, it usually becomes too overwhelming and too challenging for the policyholders to understand all the essential details of the coverages they are looking at. This is where independent insurance specialists come in.

We are able to explain all the intricacies of insurance plans in easily understandable terms. This aspect is quite important, as it means that we will help you single out wise decisions.

Our main job is to assess your insurance needs and match them with the supplier who meets those needs best, at prices that are acceptable to you. Don’t miss a chance to take essential advice from a licensed and experienced professional. With our support, you will gain confidence that your home, your car, or your business is adequately protected.

Assistance with filing claims

Assuming that you need to make a claim, our independent insurance specialists can assist you during all stages of the claim filing process until you reach a suitable settlement.

Cooperation with major insurance suppliers

At H&M Insurance, we are aware that you should never settle for limited options. You have specific insurance requirements and a single approach for everyone just will not do. For this reason, we work with major insurance suppliers like SafecoTravelersCIG, The Hartford, First American, Progressive, Nationwide, Midwest, Markel, and many other smaller providers you may not have heard of.

By enlisting a professional agent you will gain access to more flexibility and more freedom to select the coverage and the supplier that best suits your business or personal needs. Our expert insurance officers will guide you through the complexities of the insurance industry, making sure you have ideal protection in place.

How Can An Independent Agent Help You

In certain situations, contracting an independent professional can be exceptionally helpful:

  • Homeowners insurance – In the event that your home policy costs have increased or if you have picked up a nonrenewal notice, a local representative will find insurers with the best quotes for your specific situation.
  • Auto insurance – If you need a non-standard auto policy, independent auto agents are more likely to find what you are looking for, since they collaborate with smaller firms that typically have a more comprehensive selection of nonstandard policies.
  • Life insurance – For individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, or hobbies and occupations considered dangerous by the insurers, it is highly beneficial to enlist an independent life insurance agent whose area of specialization is impaired risk underwriting.

Understanding The Difference Between An Independent Insurance Agent And An Insurance Broker

The key difference between the two is that although the broker is able to identify the right amount of coverage needed and search for the best terms, an agent has to underwrite or “bind” the policy until the final policy is purchased.

To find out how H&M independent insurance experts in San Diego can help you acquire just the right insurance policy, please give us a call at (619) 296-0005.