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A jewelry store is a beautiful business but comes with some high risks. Some are theft and burglary, but that’s not all that can happen. Many accidents may occur, like damaging the inventory or the store itself, injury of a customer or a worker, breaking the necessary tools and more. Luckily, you found us – we will shield you from all unforeseen circumstances and provide you with comprehensive jewelry business insurance.




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H&M Insurance Agency provides jewelry stores in San Diego city and the entire California wide variety of policies that protect them by covering unexpected financial losses. Our highly experienced professionals specialize in finding the best package of policies for jewelry stores, such as general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, business owners’ policy (BOP), commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance, and many other coverages that you need.

All the policies we offer are either mandatory in California or optional, and those optional are the ones we recommend for the welfare of your jewelry business. For more information, call us and we will discuss your options or stop by our office at 801 Washington St, San Diego.

We Provide Following Jewelry Store Insurance Coverage

You must think at least once about the risks of thievery in your jewelry store and that’s understandable. The more valuable inventory is, the higher risk of wrongdoings exist. To be sure you are covered if anything happens, read below about the policies we provide for jewelry stores.

General Liability Insurance

General liability policy covers common third-party risks such as customer injury or damaging their possessions. For example, your customer might slip and fall, so the medical bill and the possible lawsuit will cost you greatly. Also, your employee can accidentally drop someone’s watch, and your insurance will pay for it. Read more >>>

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers comp insurance is mandatory in California. Workers’ compensation is important when your employee suffers from an injury or illness, for lost wages and other common payments. If you employ yourself or anyone else, you must take this policy before any other insurance coverage. Read more >>>

Business Owners’ Policy (BOP)

This package includes three different insurance policies: general liability insurance, business interruption insurance and commercial property insurance. Business owners’ policy (BOP) is the most popular choice for small businesses in California since the package is cheaper than the policies taken separately.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

The cost of recovering your, for example, stolen jewelry can be too expensive for any policy to cover. Commercial umbrella will strengthen the financial capabilities of other policies to handle it when covering the initial cost. In other words, any amount of money that exceeds the amount the original insurance is covering, umbrella will cover!  The strengthened policies are general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance or worker’s compensation insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Jeweler’s van or other business vehicles can experience an accident on the road. Your employee can damage vehicles and endanger someone’s life with injuries. The medical bills and the cost of the lawsuit are covered by commercial auto insurance. This coverage will only be in effect after proven that accident is not the employee’s fault. Read more >>>

Cyber Liability Insurance

This policy helps jewelry stores with any minor or major cyber-attack. This is usually an important insurance plan for small jewelry businesses that handle credit cards or have sensitive data on e-commerce store or POS terminals.

How Do We Make a Deal?

We won’t waste your time and take great care in helping you choose the policies your jewelry store needs. There are a few steps we go through together:

Step 1
You call us and give us details about your jewelry business (store location, number of employees, vehicles, etc.)

Step 2
We go through every insurance company we work with to find the best policies for you.

Step 3
After the coverage has been chosen, you pay for the policy and enjoy the full protection of your business.

How Much Does Jewelry Store Insurance Cost?

H&M Insurance Agency provides affordable packages, but the exact value is hard to determine without a proper look at your needs. Many factors determine the cost of jewelry store insurance coverage:

  • The insurance company that you choose
  • History of claims
  • The types of insurance that you choose
  • The number of your employees
  • Equipment your business owns
  • The number of vehicles your business owns
  • The deductible and policy limits that you choose
  • The services that your business offers
  • Amount of insurance you need

For an accurate policy price contact us at (619) 296-0005 and our friendly staff will answer any of your questions.

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Why are We the Best Insurance Agency for Jewelry Stores?

At our agency, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our valued clients while maintaining strong partnerships with numerous esteemed insurance companies in California. Our dedication is exemplified by our team of highly skilled professionals who diligently cater to the insurance requirements of small businesses across San Diego and California. Our biggest advantages are:

  • More than 50 years of combined experience
  • Experts in California business insurance
  • Always finding the best possible rates for full coverage
  • Fastest and easiest to get complete coverage in one place
  • Attention to detail
  • Friendly customer support
  • We represent some of the most famous insurance companies
  • Great prices with various payment options

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Protect Your Precious Assets: Top-tier Insurance for Jewelry Stores!

The jewelry store business is amazing in many ways but also very risky. We can provide financial protection for unpleasantries such as thievery and burglary, property damage, employee or customer injury and more. Get a free insurance quote today by calling us at (619) 296-0005 or fill out our online form below.