San Diego General Liability Insurance

San Diego General Liability Insurance

General Liability Protection for Your Small Business in San Diego

General liability insurance is not mandatory in state of California (like workers compensation, car insurance and disability insurance), but as responsible business owner, contractor or young entrepreneur you need to cover all potential threats or losses.

General Liability Insurance (GL) – some refer as Business Liability Insurance – is minimum you need to protect your business from variety of claims from other businesses or persons. It can be included in BOP but it’s also available as standalone option.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

Sometimes one accident can ruin your business or at least derail your business plans for couple of years. Here are some examples of coverage you get with general liability insurance:

  • Bodily injury – your client fall on slippery floor in your office or store and get hurt.
  • Property damage – can cover damage to physical location you use (rent) for your business
  • Medical payments – coverage against claims in situations where you are responsible for some body injury in your premises and treatment needs to be paid
  • Advertising errors or reputation harm – coverage in cases you have been sued for slander, copyright etc.

Who Needs General Liability Protection?

If you have clients who come to your premises, have access to client offices and equipment (like servers, cars, etc.) or you legally represent your client business, or you are renting location to do business – meaning from IT professionals, contractors, lawyers to architectures.

From above you can easily conclude that almost every small business or contractor in San Diego needs to consider general liability insurance coverage.

Extend General Liability Insurance with Business Owner Policy

Business liability insurance for small business is not enough to fully protect your assets. That is why we at H&M insurance agency advise our clients to strengthen their policies and add get general liability coverage in BOP.

  1. Business owner policy (BOP) – is specially designed insurance package for business owners. BOP aggregates general liability insurance for contractors and small businesses with property liability insurance
  2. Professional liability insurance – also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance
  3. Commercial auto insurance

Why H&M Insurance Agency?

H&M Insurance agency carry all major insurance providers. Combining that fact with our 40 years and plus experience in San Diego insurance market you can be sure to have lowest general liability insurance quotes.

To understand how much general liability insurance cost in San Diego please call (619) 296-0005 or get online quotes bellow.


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